What to Consider Before You Buy a Manure Spreader

Whether your existing manure spreader is on its last legs or you’re looking to buy your very first machine, knowing what to look for in a new spreader is critical. After all, this purchase is an investment that will directly affect your farm’s day-to-day performance. Being able to ask questions and evaluate both the benefits and drawbacks of different manure spreaders for horse farms will come in handy when the time to buy ultimately rolls around.

Asking yourself the following questions will help you narrow down your options and identify the best product to meet your individual needs. Keep reading to learn how to choose the right type of manure spreader for your operation!

How Much Material Do You Need to Spread?

Essentially, the more animals you have, the more waste they will produce, and the more manure your spreader will need to hold. If you only have one or two animals or horses on your property, a mini or compact manure spreader will be the most cost-effective choice. On the other hand, if you have a number of animals or run a large farm or stable, you may want to consider a mid- or full-size stainless steel spreader.

Not only do these machines boast a larger capacity that allows you to go days or even weeks in-between spreading, but they are also corrosion-resistant and protect against the acids found in manure. The result? You can store manure overnight. Here at Millcreek, we have a variety of sizes to choose from depending on your specific needs.

How Often Do You Need to Spread?

As mentioned above, knowing the metal that the spreader is made from is key. If you plan to spread every day, and have the time to clean your machine just as often, a machine made out of galvanized or powder-coated steel would suit your needs fine. However, galvanized or powder-coated steel will not provide maximum protection against the acids found in manure — especially if the machine is scratched or damaged during day-to-day operation. So, if you’re looking for reliability, durability, and a machine that will let you go days or even weeks between spreading, our Millcreek stainless steel manure spreader is the better option.

How Long Do You Need Your Machine to Last?

If you’re looking to buy a manure spreader for a farm, we recommend our Rhino-lined deluxe machines as well as our stainless steel spreaders, which are designed to protect against corrosion and last for years and decades, respectively, without rusting. By storing manure in a durable stainless steel machine, you don’t have to worry about spreading manure day in and day out. Instead, you can enjoy more time to relax or even tackle other activities around the farm.

Which Features or Options Will Make Your Life Easier?

When it comes to manure spreaders, not all products are created equal. Whether you are an equestrian center or you run a small hobby farm, you may consider investing in a machine that will help ease your day-to-day workload and make your job easier.

At Millcreek, we offer features like beaters that can easily handle straw and hay, dolly wheel jack stands that make moving the spreader a breeze even when it’s filled, and end gates that offer full control when spreading the material. We also offer an upper beater attachment, specifically recommended for cow and pig manure.  Plus, our spreaders do not have any grease points! So say “goodbye” to the hassle of ongoing maintenance. No matter your size and budget, we offer options that will help you work smarter, not harder.

How Long is the Warranty?

We understand that it can be nerve-wracking to buy a manure spreader, especially if you have never made an investment like this before. Here at Millcreek, we offer all of our customers an industry-leading, best-in-class warranty. This guarantee provides protection and peace of mind for every one of our manure spreaders. However, be sure to check for a warranty no matter which manufacturer you buy from.

Specifically, we offer a standard one-year material and mechanical warranty for our mini-spreaders and compact galvanized spreaders. For our compact spreaders, mid-size spreaders, full-size spreaders, and precision spreaders, we provide several warranties, including a lifetime poly floor warranty, a two-year material and mechanical warranty, and a 10-year pro-rated Rhino lining warranty. Our customers who purchase a Millcreek stainless steel spreader benefit from the best we have to offer: a three-year material and mechanical warranty as well as lifetime warranties to protect against wear and rust-through on the body and poly floor.

What is the ROI?

Before buying, consider your return on investment, which will depend on several factors, including the location and size of your operation, your performance and expenses, and the model of manure spreader you purchase. Ultimately, when you buy a Millcreek manure spreader for a small farm, you are investing in the future of your organization. We manufacture reliable, durable, high-quality machines that are designed to last for years to come — without breaking the bank.

Ready to Invest in a New Manure Spreader?

Whether you are ready to buy a new manure spreader or you have questions you need to have answered first, contact us today for more information. We take pride in the quality, durability, and reliability of our Millcreek manure spreaders for small farms, and we are always happy to assist in any way we can. Reach out today to learn more!

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