Factors To Consider When Choosing a Manure Spreader

Whether you’re looking to purchase a manure spreader for the first time or want to replace an existing machine, selecting the right spreader for your needs requires a great deal of planning. Knowing what questions you need to ask and evaluating the benefits of the new piece of machinery are just some things to consider before making your choice.  

Read on to learn how you can determine which manure spreader is right for your operation. The following questions will help you narrow down your search, and identify the best machine for your particular application. 

5 Key Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Manure Spreader 

How Often Do You Want to Spread?
If you don’t want to spread every day, pay particular attention to the type of metal the spreader is made out of before you invest in a new piece of equipment. Most painted or galvanized metal is not strong enough to resist the acids present in manure, especially when nicked or scratched, so you won’t be able to store manure overnight. On the other hand, stainless steel resists corrosion and can be used to store manure for days or weeks at a time between spreading. So if you want to store manure and spread when you want to, a stainless steel manure spreader is the way to go. 

How Will You Pull Your Spreader?
The type of machine that you have to pull your spreader will impact what size and type of manure spreader you can choose. One of the factors you will need to consider is the kind of drive system that operates your manure spreader. The other is the size and weight of your spreader. 

If you have a tractor with a PTO connection, you’ll want to choose a compatible spreader. Manure spreaders powered by a PTO are usually bigger, heavy-duty spreaders suitable for a larger horse farm or ranch. If you have a smaller horse farm, orchard or vineyard, a ground drive manure spreader would be your best option. You can pull a ground drive manure spreader with just about anything – from a sophisticated tractor to a 4-wheeler or pickup truck. And of course, size matters. You won’t be able to pull a large, heavy spreader with a basic garden tractor – so choose a spreader that your existing equipment can handle. 

How Much Manure Do You Need to Spread?
If you only have a couple of horses or animals on your farm, a smaller spreader will be more cost effective. The more animals you have, however, the more waste they generate and the larger the capacity you will need for your manure spreader. If you don’t want to spread daily, a stainless steel spreader would be your best option. Our stainless steel manure spreaders have a large capacity and resist corrosion so you can store material until you’re ready to spread. Ultimately, you want to look for a size that fits your needs – both in the frequency of spreading and the number of horses on your farm. 

What Is the Warranty?
At Millcreek, we stand behind our machines with a best-in-class guarantee. We offer an industry-leading warranty on all of our manure spreaders to give our customers additional protection and peace of mind.  

Our Mini Spreaders and Compact Galvanized Spreaders come with a standard one-year material and mechanical warranty. Our Compact Spreaders, Mid-Size Spreaders and Full-Size Spreaders and Precision Spreaders include a two-year material and mechanical warranty, 10-year Rhino lining warranty and a lifetime poly floor warranty. 

Our stainless steel spreaders provide the best warranty options. All of our stainless steel models provide a three-year material and mechanical warranty as well as lifetime warranties against rust-through and wear on the poly floor. 

How Responsive Is the Manufacturer?
With regular usage comes the need for replacement parts, and some manufacturers don’t make it easy to order parts or perform repairs. Choosing a brand that has accessible technicians, quick shipping, and experts who are available to talk you through simple repairs will save you time and money. At Millcreek, we stock component parts for every spreader we make, and our machines can easily be serviced with standard tools. In addition, we have a full library of repair videos available online. Best of all, our friendly technicians are standing by to answer your questions or to help with a part or repair. 

Ready to Buy a New Manure Spreader?
Contact us today to learn more about Millcreek manure spreaders. We pride ourselves on the value and quality of our machines, and we look forward to helping you choose the best machine for your operation!  

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