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With 2023 on the horizon, many small farms and horse farms are looking ahead to plan for their spreading needs in the coming year. If you’re considering a new manure spreader, there are a number of things to consider in order to choose the best model for your application. Factors like the materials you’ll be spreading, how you’ll pull the spreader, where you’ll store the machine, how many stalls and animals you have and how often you’ll empty the spreader will all play a part in selecting the right machine.

At Millcreek Spreaders, we offer a wide range of durable, high-quality manure spreaders for every size, need and budget. Whether you’re looking to start the new year with a stainless steel model, powder-coated mid-size spreader or an entry-level economy machine, we can help you determine which model is right for your property. Read on to learn more about our full line of manure spreaders, and contact us today with any questions you might have!

Mini and Compact Manure Spreaders

Whether you have a strict budget for the upcoming year or you own a small farm with few animals, our galvanized, economy-sized compact and mini manure spreaders are a great option. We construct these models with the same attention to details as our larger machines, but they are specifically designed for applications when cost is a consideration. If you’re looking for a manure spreader for occasional use or you only have a few animals on your property, these compact, lightweight models provide significant value at an affordable cost.

Mid-Size Manure Spreaders

If you’re searching for a new manure spreader that requires low maintenance while offering long-term reliability, our mid-size manure spreaders might fit the bill. Designed for medium-sized properties with up to 20 animals, our mid-size machines can help you work smarter and get more work done with less labor. To help you make the most of your machine, we also offer features such as an optional endgate for added convenience, a fines pan to evenly distribute material and a heavy-duty Rhino lining option for added protection.

Full-Size Manure Spreaders

Farm owners with more than 25 animals might consider investing in a full-size manure spreader for the new year. These machines can help maximize efficiency and boost productivity while offering top-value and quality. Designed and built with our signature heavy-gauge steel and farm-tough construction, our full-size manure spreaders are best-suited for small livestock and dairy operations as well as large stables. Thanks to features like an upper beater for high-efficiency spreading, PTO drive and an optional Rhino lining, Millcreek full-size spreaders are the perfect solution for busy farms!

Stainless Steel Manure Spreaders

As you look ahead to the new year, consider whether a stainless steel manure spreader would be a smart investment for your property. At Millcreek, we offer stainless steel options in compact, mid-size and full-size models, and these machines are guaranteed against rust and corrosion for life. We design our stainless steel models to store manure for days or weeks at a time, thus increasing the interval between spreading since you can store materials longer. Thanks to heavy-gauge steel, farm-tough construction and quality craftsmanship, our low-maintenance, durable stainless steel manure spreaders are a smart long-term solution for manure management.

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re looking to budget now for 2023 and you’re ready to get more work done faster and with less labor, consider how a Millcreek manure spreader can help. With more than 25 configurations to meet your budget and needs, we can help you select the right model for your application. Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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