Millcreek 2100 Spreader

Since 1986, Millcreek has been the industry leader in manufacturing high-quality spreaders, and the new 2100 spreader is the latest addition to our fleet.

The 2100 is a wheel-driven (not PTO) spreader that is ideal for gardens, sports fields, yards, golf courses and parks.  It is able to handle compost, sand, and both pelletized and granular lime, and is capable of spreading both wet and dry material.  The Millcreek 2100 has a maximum capacity of 28 cubic feet or 1500 pounds, and is designed to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Classified as a “precision spreader”, the Millcreek 2100 is available in two packages:

  • Standard: Industrial powder-coated finish and poly floor.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel body, apron chain, beater and shields.

The overall length is 9’3”, with a loading height of 36” and a total weight (including tires) of 500 pounds.  The 2100 series is designed to be pulled with a 15HP+ tractor or a 350cc ATV, and includes a manual metering gate and lower precision broadcasting beaters for the most effective spreading power in the industry.

All Millcreek spreaders come equipped with maintenance free sealed bearings.  The 2100 is a workhorse that is designed to apply all kinds of bulk material with precision, power and speed, and like all Millcreek spreaders, it is built to last.  The new 2100 comes with a two (2) year warranty on parts and a Lifetime Warranty against floor and body rust-through on the stainless steel model.

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