The Benefits of Choosing the Right Manure Spreader

When it comes to getting work done around your equine or farming business, you want to make sure you have dependable and durable equipment that you can rely on to get the job done right. Inefficient equipment can waste time and lead to costly repairs that prevent your farming operation from running smoothly.  

At Millcreek, we believe that a manure spreader is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will purchase for your equine or farming business. As farmers and equestrians ourselves, we understand the importance of having time-saving, reliable and durable equipment. Our manure spreaders are compact and easy to load but heavy duty enough to get the job done. Read on to find out the benefits of choosing the right manure spreader for your farm!  

4 Advantages of Choosing the Right Manure Spreader 

Save Time
A quality manure spreader should help you save time and work more efficiently around your farm. Millcreek’s premium stainless steel manure spreaders are designed to not only spread manure, but to store it as well. This eliminates the need to load your spreader and spread your manure on a daily basis. Since our top-of-the-line stainless steel spreaders double as a holding bin, they allow you to store your manure for days at a time without damaging your machinery. This means less time spreading, and more time doing what you enjoy! 

Whether you are a small hobby farm or a larger horse farm or equestrian center, Millcreek has the right size stainless steel spreader for your operation. All of our spreaders are designed to handle spreading manure for horses and other animals, as well as other materials such as straw and hay. We offer compact, mid-size and full-size models that come equipped with ground drive or PTO power train options, so we’re sure to have a manure spreader that will help you save time no matter what type of operation you run! 

Save Effort
You want a manure spreader that will perform the way you need it to perform while making your work easier not more difficult. At Millcreek, we are focused on constantly improving the equipment we manufacture. That’s why we include features on our manure spreaders like an end gate that allows for full control over material spreading, a dolly wheel jack stand that makes moving your spreader easy even when it’s full and beaters to easily handle hay and straw. We offer a size and configuration of spreader to suit almost every size farm and budget, and they will all help you work smarter not harder!   

Less Hassle
Manure spreaders are used often and hard, so when purchasing a manure spreader, you want something that is built to last. Plus, the acids in manure eat away at component parts if they’re not made from sturdy materials and can cause lasting damage to your machinery. At Millcreek, we are focused on hand-crafting the best quality machines with well-engineered design and the right materials that will last. And that means less hassle for you over the life of your machine. 

Of course, with daily usage comes the occasional need for repairs and maintenance. We stock component parts for every spreader we make and all our machines can be serviced with standard tools. You can trust that your Millcreek manure spreader will last because we stand behind our product with a warranty that is unmatched by other manufacturers. Our stainless-steel models have a three-year material and mechanical warranty in addition to the lifetime warranty against floor and body rust. And, with the availability of quick-ship spare parts and expert staff who are available to walk you through simple repairs, you can count on the fact that we take the hassle out of keeping your manure spreader running smoothly. 

More Time to Enjoy Life
Millcreek spreaders are designed to be as user-friendly as possible, ensuring that you spend less time on chores around the farm and have more time doing other things that you love. By purchasing a quality, durable Millcreek spreader, you can have the peace of mind knowing that our machines are engineered to save you time and effort in the field! And that means more time to enjoy life. 

Ready to Choose the Right Manure Spreader For Your Farm?
We pride ourselves on offering quality and value to our customers, and we promise that a Millcreek manure spreader is a smart investment for your farm. Our knowledgeable staff of equine and farming experts look forward to helping you choose the right spreader. Contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you. 

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