What Can Pull A Millcreek Manure Spreader?

We get asked this question often. What can pull a Millcreek manure spreader? Questions like, “Will my four wheeler pull it?”, “What about any old ATV?” Our typical response is – it depends on the model spreader! Well, let’s clarify that answer here.

When you download our Millcreek Spreader Buyer’s Guide you’ll notice a breakdown of the required engine size of the motorized vehicle you could use to pull each model spreader. You will see the requirement is given in both minimum hp (horsepower) and cc (cubic centimeter), which all motorized vehicles are measured by. If you’re not sure what the hp or cc is for your ATV, utility vehicle or tractor consider the following:

Most agricultural businesses find that utility quads are the best selection when it comes to an all terrain vehicle (ATV). These powerful engines boast between 250-700 cc and are capable of pulling our Millcreek spreader models 15, 22, 27, 37 and 57. ATVs include the Yamaha Grizzly 300 2WD, Polaris Ranger RZR 570 and Polaris Ranger diesel.

Perhaps in a bracket above your standard utility quads are what are known as sport/utility ATVs. These four wheel drive machines have engine sizes of up to 800cc and include the Yamaha Wolverine 350, Polaris Scrambler 500 and the Kawasaki Prairie 650. They too will be more than capable of pulling fully loaded spreader models 15-57.

Once you get to models 77, 97 and 127, you’re better off pulling those spreaders with a tractor. You’ll need the weight and muscle to pull these heavy spreaders, especially when loaded with up to 140 cubic feet of manure!

Well then, what can’t pull a Millcreek manure spreader? Any vehicle that has less than 8-10 hp or has less than a 250cc engine is generally not an ideal pulling machine for a spreader. With safety being our top concern, we recommend your pulling vehicle weigh at least 50% of the gross loaded weight of the spreader. However, we typically do not recommend pulling a spreader with a truck or car. Additionally, stick to the rule of thumb, if it’s electric and not gas powered, it probably won’t have enough torque to pull any Millcreek spreader.

When in doubt, look for the cc or hp size printed somewhere on the vehicle (side of body or directly on the engine). You can also download and print this chart for quick reference. From all of us at Millcreek Manufacturing, happy spreading!

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