3 Ways an Arena Rake Can Help You Maintain Your Equine Training Center

If you own or maintain an equine training center, you know it is a labor of love. Keeping the arena safe for both the horse and the rider is of the utmost importance. Horses are a big investment and maintaining a level and uniform arena surface contributes to both the health of the animal and their performance. Read on to find out why an arena rake is a necessary piece of equipment for your business.   

  1. Save time and increase efficiency 
    Hand-raking an arena can be time-consuming and doesn’t always result in a level, uniform surface. Ruts and dips in the arena surface can be dangerous. Our Spin Groomer Arena Rakes are easy-to-use and spin as they are pulled along, moving material sideways to fill in potentially dangerous rutted paths and low spots in one pass. Most importantly, they work far faster than hand raking – saving you time and labor. 
  1. Contribute to your horses’ health and performance
    Owning and training horses is an investment. An arena rake can help enhance the safety of your facilities, improve performance and ensure that the animals don’t sustain potentially life-threatening injuries. Best of all our arena rakes connect easily to your tractor, allowing you to get to work quickly to improve footing and soften surfaces for better water absorption and ground conditions. Believe us, your horses will love the smooth, even surface our arena rakes provide! 
  1. Avoid costly repairs
    Chances are you’ve invested a lot of time and money into your arena. You know that you need to drag and water on a regular basis to keep the material from compacting. Failing to do so decreases your base’s lifespan and can diminish the quality of footing. The versatility of our spin groomer arena rakes allows you to adjust the tilt to avoid touching the base and ripping into the bottom layer which causes unevenness and divots. Replacing the bottom level can be time consuming and costly as the damage can only be remedied by stripping the footing and levelling the base all over again. Our arena rakes help you avoid these costly repairs while keep your arena performing at its best! 

Ready to find out which spin groomer arena rake is right for you?  

If you’re ready to learn how a spin groomer arena rake can help your nursery, contact us today to talk about your specific needs. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are available to help you choose the right model and applications for your operation. We look forward to hearing from you!  

Want to learn more about our spin groomer arena rakes? Contact us today. We have equine experts on staff ready to answer your questions and help you choose the right arena rake for your training center.  

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