Whether you’re looking to purchase a manure spreader for the first time or want to replace an existing machine, selecting the right spreader for your needs requires a great deal of planning. Knowing what questions you need to ask and evaluating the…

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With so many types of manure spreaders out there how do you know which one is right for your farm? Different manufacturers use different types of metal in their machines with galvanized sheet metal, painted or powder-coated metal, or stainless…

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Not all manure spreaders for horse farms and small ag businesses are created equal. So if you’re thinking of buying a spreader for your farm or equestrian business, check out the video below to learn what makes Millcreek spreaders better…

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At Millcreek, our arena rakes are known for their high-quality and low-maintenance design. So if you’re looking for a spin groomer or arena rake for your facility, look no further! Check out the video below to see our line of…

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Looking for a manure spreader and not sure where to start? Check out the video below to learn more about our line of low-maintenance, high-performance spreaders. And contact us today to request specs, pricing or information. Manure spreaders come in…

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At Millcreek, we manufacture high-performance, low-maintenance farm and turf equipment that will help your operation run smoothly. With multiple brands under our umbrella, our equipment delivers the results you need to stay competitive.

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